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Agile at SkyAcademy

An Agile way of working is the cornerstone to any modern tech organisation; promoting a culture of shared responsibility, experimentation, and continuous learning and improvement.

People are at the heart of any Agile transformation and ensuring your teams are supported and empowered on their Agile journey is the key to your success. Every organisation is unique and a "textbook" approach simply doesn't translate well into the real-world. We're committed to finding the right approach for you and your teams with our pragmatic application of Agile education.

Certified Training

From simple Agile Fundamentals, through to practitioner-level Scrum Master, Product Owner certifications, and everything in between. We offer the best certified training options to fit your needs. Typically, certified training courses are one-two days long and will ensure candidates receive a hands-on experience in the classroom to understand and apply key Agile concepts.

Pragmatic Coaching

Putting what you've learned into practice isn't always as simple as it might appear. With the help of our Pragmatic Coaching, we'll work with you and your teams to turn the theory from the classroom into pragmatic application. Our coaches can work with your teams at a cadence that suits your budget and schedule, maximising every hour that they spend applying Agile working to your workforce.

"A total game changer."

Before engaging with SkyAcademy, we were simply looking for some Agile training to help us understand the basics. What we received was a complete discovery of our organisational workflow, the bottlenecks highlighted, and an Agile Coach to help us work through and apply what we'd learned.

It's been a total game changer for us, and we've never seen such a spike in efficiency before.

Managing Director of Sadler Recruitment

How can we help you?

Every organisation has unique education outcomes that they'd like to achieve. We believe in making sure our solutions are curated around your individual challenges and needs which is why we don't display any "off the shelf" type training or coaching options.

Contact us today to discuss what you're looking for and we'll be happy to work on a unique proposal for you.