Cloud Academy

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Organisations of every type, size, and industry are using the Cloud for a wide variety of reasons like data backup, disaster recovery, virtual desktops, software development, big data analytics, and web applications.

As Cloud adoption rates continue to rise at staggering levels, so does the need to re-skill in the latest Cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure, and more. With the skills shortage in Cloud-based roles increasing,  the demand on the talent pool means that organisations which want to scale and succeed are investing into their Cloud education needs. It's time to join them.

Cloud Training

Keeping your teams skilled with the most recent Cloud technologies is a continuous learning activity. If you're looking for support to achieve this, we've got comprehensive training courses and real hands-on labs in AWS, Azure, and more, that will provide the most recent education and certification which your teams need. Our trainers are practitioners themselves which means candidates will be learning with someone who can provide real-world context.

Cloud Academy Bootcamp

Designed for organisations who are considering or already part of a Cloud transformation, the Cloud Academy programme features a blend of hands-on lab sessions and classroom theory sessions, alongside candidate real work to ensure a balanced learning approach. Typically consisting of a 12-week bootcamp, the purpose of the Cloud Academy is to transform candidates from Cloud Zero to Cloud Hero upon graduation to support your move into the Cloud.

Our comprehensive Cloud Academy Bootcamp has been designed to completely re-skill your workforce with the latest AWS or Azure Cloud skills. We guide an entire cohort through Agile and DevOps fundamentals, training in relevant tooling and then deep-dive into the Cloud technologies through labs, activities and assessments. Upon graduation from the Bootcamp, candidates not only receive the skills required for a new role within Cloud Engineering, but also numerous industry-recognised certifications.

How can we help you?

Every organisation has unique education outcomes that they'd like to achieve. We believe in making sure our solutions are curated around your individual challenges and needs which is why we don't display any "off the shelf" type training or coaching options.

Contact us today to discuss what you're looking for and we'll be happy to work on a unique proposal for you.